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The Web Globalization Report Card 2014: The Best Global Websites and Why

For 10 years, the ultimate web globalization benchmark

From Apple to Samsung, BMW to VW, Amazon to Zara — The 2014 Web Globalization Report Card provides a wealth of hands-on best practices, worst practices, and emerging trends.

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Selected highlights:
  • The top 25 global websites of 2013
  • A look back at the language growth of Amazon, Apple, eBay and others

  • Think Outside the Country

    Country Codes of the World

    The Savvy Client's Guide to Translation Agencies

    You shouldn't need a translation agency to find a translation agency

    Confused about the terminology? The wide range of price quotes? The technologies?

    The Savvy Client's Guide is the only book written specifically for new buyers of translation services. Based on more than a decade of experience, this book will help you go global with confidence.

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    The Art of the Global Gateway, 2nd Edition

    Global gateways done right

    Web globalization opens your website to the world; it also opens you up to new challenges, like directing users to their localized content.

    The Art of the Global Gateway is your guide to the best practices in multilingual navigation.

    You'll learn from the global gateways used by companies such as GE, IKEA, and Caterpillar. You'll also learn how to apply global gateway concepts to iPhone apps and social media.

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