A multilingual eye chart

Eye Chart Legend

Characters were selected for aesthetic and linguistic distinctiveness. Some characters are used by multiple languages. Clicking on the Unicode code point will provide technical information about each character. To download this legend as a PDF, click here.

CharacterNameUnicode Code Point
Row 1
Latin Capital Letter E0045
Row 2
Cyrillic Capital Letter EL041B
Ideographic Annotation Middle Mark3197
Row 3
Arabic Letter THEH062B
Thai Character Do Dek0E14
Hebrew Letter Shin05E9
Row 4
Gujarati Letter TTHA0AA0
Tibetan Letter JA 0F47
Devanagari Letter NYA091E
Hiragana Letter NO306E
Row 5
Georgian Capital Letter LAS10AA
Hangul Letter CIEUC110C
CJK Unified Ideographs5BB6
Tamil Letter JA0B9C
Greek Capital Letter Sigma03A3
Row 6
Katakana Letter U30A6
Telugu Letter DA0C26
Latin Capital Letter ETH00D0
Oriya Letter LA0B32
Armenian Capital Letter Ken053F
Ethiopic Syllable HHA1210
Row 7
Bengali Letter SSA 0998
Latin Capital Letter O with Stroke00D8
Hiragana Letter SU3059
Lao Letter Pho Sung0E9C
Khmer Letter KHA 1781
Cherokee Letter TLO13E0
Row 8
Cyrillic Capital Letter SHA0428
Devanagari Letter DHA0927
Arabic Letter BEH0628
Latin Small Letter A with Breve0103
Malayalam Letter GA0D17
Myanmar Letter GA1002
CJK Unified Ideographs6811
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