Directory of Spanish-language websites for the US

¿Habla Español?

This page notes selected companies that offer Spanish-language websites for US Hispanics.




Professional Services

Health Care


Rental Cars

Financial Services







A special thanks to contributors Nitish Singh, Wei-Tai Kwok, Gabby Medecki, Serena Hansen Rosenhan, Anh-Chi Robertson and Brooke Walter.

Did You Know...

The US Hispanic population surpassed 41 million in July 2005 and surpassed 53 million in September 2013. By 2060, the US Hispanic population is projected to reach 128 million.
Source: US Census Bureau

U.S. Hispanic Internet users outnumber the total online populations of many Spanish-speaking nations.
Source: ComScore Networks

Among online Hispanics whose dominant language is Spanish, 75% "wish there were more websites that offered information of interest to Hispanic Americans."
Source: Second Annual America Online/RoperASW US Hispanic Cyberstudy

More than 80% of Hispanic Internet users indicated they would be more likely to do their automotive shopping online if they could do so in Spanish.
Source: The Cobalt Group


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